Favourite motorsport moment

Favourite motorsport moment in the last 25 years – ASI15 entry.

Jenson Button

The 2011 Formula 1 season wasn’t the greatest of years by all means, but it did showcase one of the finest races in the last decade: the Canadian Grand Prix.

Firmly cemented in the history books for generations stands an exceptional example of just why you shouldn’t – no matter what – give up.

What was just your average Sunday morning in Montreal proved to be an electrifying and somewhat, eye-opening display of race craft. Avoiding devastation by dancing around a slippy track with spray blinding the line of vision pushed some in the limelight, and others into the barriers.

But one man seemingly defied the odds. After a puncture, a drive through penalty and being almost a lap down, he ploughed passed his fellow participants and un-nerved Sebastian Vettel to emerge victorious.

A master class by one, Jenson Button.

You see, it’s not about being faultless. Everyone has their flaws and everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you deal with them, how you convert them and how you use them to your advantage, that counts. Jenson could very easily have given up. But he didn’t. Not because he thought he could go on to win (I’m sure most of us watching were not at all expecting that result) but because he truly believed that he could scrape something out of nothing.

It was that moment, that sheer determination, that sticks with me today. For that race had everything; excitement, disappointment, heartbreak, perplexity. Those are the best races. The ones where you experience almost every emotion. The unpredictable ones.

And for anyone that tells you, you can’t do something; remember Canada 2011, and politely tell them that they are so unbelievably wrong…


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