Are 2014 F1 cars really that bad?

There is not a lot that we can take from the Jerez pre-season tests, other than the fact that Renault, or more-to-the-point, Red Bull, appear to have some minor problems. However, I am sure they would rather have these issues now, than say during the Australian Grand Prix. Mercedes and Ferrari also looked fairly reliable after both teams, along with McLaren, were the only teams to complete more than 200 laps over the duration of the test. But aside from that, there was one thing that seemed to be getting a lot more attention.

I am, of course, referring to the uniquely interpreted designs of the 2014 nose regulations. Whether you label them as ‘anteater noses’ or ‘finger noses’, or perhaps the most obvious name – no thanks to the Ann Summers twitter account – ‘men’s appendages’. They are off-putting, and not what you’d expect from one of the most glamorous sports around the globe.

However, lets remember that these cars are not designed to be showcased at London fashion week, but are designed to be raced hard around the legendary Spa circuit, or to be flung around the streets of Monaco.

The 2014 cars could be worse, and here are a few examples of some previous designs that are, well, different…

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Innovations aside, some of these are ghastly. So maybe this seasons cars do look inappropriate and vile, but if the racing is as good as say 2012, does it really matter? The beauty of the sport is the racing, and it should stay that way regardless of how ‘ugly’ these cars are.

(Picture courtesy of JackLeslieF1)

Lotus were not present at the test, but which is your favourite?

“Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win” – Enzo Ferrari.


One thought on “Are 2014 F1 cars really that bad?

  1. Eoin Harmon (@Eoin_Harmon) says:

    Unlike the retro ugly cars that you have kindly listed, my frustration with the aesthetics since 2009 is the reduction for creativity under the new rules introduced. Granted, not all changes have been bad (no more F-ducts, brake covers, grooved tyres or mini aero parts) but just about all of the front noses, rear wings (always loved smaller ones from up to ’08) etc. have to be odd to conform to the regulations.

    The issue of safety being improved or compromised by the new noses has also divided the pit-lane, but what will happen if they are found unsafe? It’d be a costly disaster for the sport’s credibility. However, I agree with your sentiment that we should see how these cars race in Grands Prix in case they are like 2012.

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