Indian Grand Prix analysis

It took a while for the race to fully kick in, but I thoroughly enjoyed the differing strategies. Red Bull clearly didn’t need to choose a specific strategy because before Webber’s problem he was running in a solid second, behind Vettel. Vettel in fact, put on another stellar performance, proving why he is now a four-time world champion. You just don’t win world championships by chance, and I’d like to congratulate Seb for his achievements so far…


Red Bull:
Qualifying – VET P1 – WEB P4
Race – VET P1 – WEB DNF
Qualifying couldn’t have gone better for the team, Vettel was a massive 7 tenths quicker than his nearest competitors and Webber out-qualified some drivers despite being on the harder tyre whilst they were on softs (Massa and Raikkonen for example). Vettel was almost unchallenged throughout the race, and cruised his way to victory. Webber however, was in comfortable second place on the differing strategy, but alternator issues brought his race to an end. Red Bull are now four-time constructors champions, now it’s just about who comes second…

Qualifying – ALO P8 – MAS P6
Race – ALO P11 – MAS P4
I think it’s strange how Massa’s results have completely changed since he announced he was racing for himself, is this an example of how much Ferrari were holding him back? Alonso had a scrappy first lap and made contact with three different people, and just couldn’t get to grips with the car and finished out of the points. Ferrari have subsequently dropped to third in the constructors.

Qualifying – RAI P7 – GRO P17
Race – RAI P7 – GRO P3
Well, those radio messages were, interesting. Grosjean is my driver of the day by miles, sorry Seb, but to come from 17th to third is just incredible. I don’t know how he did it, but he did, and he’s silenced all the critics by doing so. Raikkonen was doing just fine until the final few laps, his tyre life had gone and because of this lost places to Rosberg, Grosjean, Massa, Perez and Hamilton. He set the fastest lap of the race on the final lap though, which is odd.

Qualifying – BUT P10 – PER P9
Race – BUT P14 – PER P5
Mixed emotions for McLaren, a disappointing weekend for Button, but unfortunately the puncture from contact was something out of his control. On the plus side, Perez made his strategy work and ended up in a strong fifth place. Do you think Perez will stay next year.

Qualifying – ROS P2 – HAM P3
Race – ROS P2 – HAM P6
A Mercedes’ driver has been on the front row for 15 out of 16 races, that’s how strong this duo are. Rosberg had a brilliant race, but couldn’t do anything about the Red Bulls, he did however jump Massa in the pit stops, but unfortunately for Lewis he couldn’t, and was stuck behind the Ferrari for the remainder of the race. The team were happy with their overall pace and think they’ll be more challenging through the rest of the races.

Qualifying – HUL P7 – GUT P16
Race – HUL P19 – GUT P15
Hulkenberg is continuing to impress and was running in a solid position inside of the top ten in the race,  until a brakes problem forced him to retire from the race with just five laps to go. He’s classified as 19th because he completed more than 90% of the race. Gutierrez was quite scarce throughout the race, and was running in tenth place until Ricciardo, Alonso and several others passed him towards the closing stages of the race.

Force India:
Qualifying – DIR P12 – SUT P13
Race – DIR P8 – SUT P9
A  better result for Force India (a much awaited weekend in some respects.) Neither driver made Q3, but their strategy paid off which left them in front of both Saubers, as well as in the points. I wonder if they can keep up the good results through the last remaining races…

Qualifying – MAL P18 – BOT P15
Race – MAL P12 – BOT P16
It’s hard to believe that this team won a race last season and this year they only have one point in the championship. There are rumours floating around that Maldonado will be leaving, possibly to Lotus, but who will fill the vacated seat? Massa is the favourite, though as I’ve previously said, I’d rather him return to Sauber.

Toro Rosso:
Qualifying – RIC P10 – VER P14
Race – RIC P10 – VER P13
It’s performances like this, that highlight why Red Bull chose Ricciardo over Vergne. Not only is Dan still popping into Q3, but his race pace is also drastically improving. He managed to do a long stint on the medium tyres which left him in second place prior to his pit stops. Dan could well have got eighth at the end of the race due to being close to the Force Indias. Vergne however had a pretty average weekend, and it’s almost certain that TR will attain eighth in the constructors championship.

Qualifying – PIC P21 – VDG P20
A disappointing weekend for Caterham, both drivers failed to finish the race which unfortunately isn’t ideal. It looks like they might miss out on tenth place in the constructors unless one of their drivers pulls a decent performance out of the bag!

Qualifying – BIA P19 – CHI P22
Race – BIA P18 – CHI P17
I thought both Caterham drivers’ would have the edge this weekend but Bianchi just beat them in qualifying, and fortunately both drivers kept ahead of the Caterhams which means they retain tenth in the championship – a big step up for the team.

Next race – Abu Dhabi.


2 thoughts on “Indian Grand Prix analysis

  1. F1FanaticBD says:

    I think Romain Grosjean silenced the critics quite a while ago, now he is in a mission to convince the potential investors, that he is the man capable of leading the team, in absence of Kimi. Not with words, neither with gesture, but purely through his driving, the best possible way. I think when Kimi announced that his tenure at Lotus will be expiring this season, something in Romain sparked, and since then he has been just magnificent.

    Massa will be a good fit either in Williams or Sauber, but I would have loved to see him in Lotus. I guess they are opting for young drivers. For Massa, when the car is good he is good, at times he is the best in the track, but if the car is not up to the pace, he really struggle. Whether he ends up at Williams or Sauber, initially he will face some below par cars than his Ferrari days, which I am a bit concern.

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