Indian Grand Prix – Preview


The Buddh International Circuit is the next round of the Formula 1 World Championship, where three time World Champion Sebastian Vettel could wrap up his fourth title. All the German has to do, is finish in fifth place. Vettel is in extremely good form at the moment after winning the last 5 rounds; he’s also won both of the past Indian Grand’s Prix and ignoring his DNF from Britain, his lowest race finish is just fourth place.

The Indian Grand Prix however will not appear on the 2015 calendar, and its place onwards is unknown due to financial reasons. The track has 16 corners, with the first sector being relatively slow compared to the flowing sector two and high speed sector three. The drivers complete 60 laps which equates to driving 307.25km, with a lap length of 5.125km (the lap record was set by Vettel in 2011, he set a 1:27:249). There are two DRS zones; the first is located just after turn 3 on the run up to turn 4, and the other is located on the pit straight.

At the previous races only one pit stop has been needed, so to shake things up Pirelli have brought the medium and soft tyres to India. The race could be very strategical, much like what was seen at Suzuka, with different teams choosing to run twice on the soft tyres, or twice on the medium tyres.  A pit stop costs teams of 21 seconds, and two stops is the likely choice.

In its two year period, no safety cars have ever featured, but anything can happen. Do you have any pre-race predictions? Do you think Vettel will finish the championship here?


One thought on “Indian Grand Prix – Preview

  1. Morris Dancer says:

    Sadly, I think Vettel’s highly likely to win. Nothing against him, but it’s becoming a procession, and I’d like a new chap to take the title. Of more interest will be the Constructors’ battle. I think Mercedes will fall prey to Lotus, and it’ll be interesting to see if Grosjean and Raikkonen can beat Ferrari.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing if Sauber can maintain their purple patch, and if we’ll finally find out where Hulkenberg will be next year.

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