Hungarian Grand Prix – Preview

The placing of this race is really strange, it has a 3 week gap both before and after it, however with an expected 3 new races (Russia, New Jersey & Austria) being added to the calendar, I doubt there will be any more big gaps as of next year (apart from the summer break).

Last years Hungarian Grand Prix saw Lewis Hamilton drive to victory with the two Lotus’ completing the podium. Hungary’s weather forecast looks like it’s going to be very hot with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, and with the Lotus suiting hot conditions, maybe they can improve to the top step of the podium.

In the history at this track, McLaren have always been the team to watch due to their cars compatibility with the circuit’s flowing corners (11 overall wins here with 6 of those in the last 8 years). Michael Schumacher holds the most amount of wins here with 4 wins, but Lewis Hamilton is also quite successful here holding 3 wins, matching Ayrton Senna.

In terms of the circuits layout, it has 16 corners and 2 DRS zones located on the pit straight (after turn 16) and after turn 1. I still strongly believe having 2 DRS zones right next to each other is not only boring but also pointless, it gives the driver being overtaken at the first zone a way to come back and retake their position.

The Hungaroring’s circuit is 4.381km (2.722 miles), and it’s race distance is 306.630km long (190.531 miles) which lasts up 70 laps. Michael Schumacher unsurprisingly holds the lap record here, with a 1:19:071. Qualifying is key here because there aren’t many places to overtake, which may be a slight advantage to Mercedes who have proved that they have the quickest car over one lap, but would they be able to fend off the Lotus’, Red Bulls, or the Ferrari’s?

Pirelli are taking the new soft and the medium tyres that teams (apart from Mercedes) tested in Silverstone’s young drivers test. The race could be very similar to the Nurburgring where the battle for the win is between Lotus and Red Bull, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Hungarian Grand Prix – Preview

  1. JamRacingF1 says:

    The three week gap is because they have a forced break 🙂 No one is allowed to work in between those three weeks away. Although they had YDT, I’m no entirely sure this maybe true so far.

    • peteonsport says:

      I’m pretty sure the three week before this race is because the New Jersey race got cancelled, and the break afterwards is the forced summer break as you said

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