Favourite Formula 1 cars?

I often get asked this question, and almost every fan of Formula 1 including myself will reply with the same answer – the McLaren MP4/4. But what about my top 5 favourite cars? In the history of Formula 1 there are so many choose from, depending on if you go as far back as Fangio’s Mercedes W196 (which fetched £19.6m at an auction during Goodwood FOS) or you prefer the more modern cars like the Ferrari F138.

5. I had to incorporate these two under the same number, because I honestly don’t know which I like more than the other. From an engineers point, it’s hard to fault Nigel Mansell’s FW14, and given that a lot of the current regulations ban a lot of the components installed on that car, you could argue that it’s one of the most technology advanced cars that’s ever been built. It’s just not a surprise that Adrian Newey was the chief designer behind it all. The other car is also a Williams, but this time in the shape of Damon Hill’s FW16. It was the last car during the Williams dominance after both Hill and Newey left the team, and lets be honest, it does look beautiful.

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(from L to R Nigel Mansell in his FW14 and Damon Hill in the FW16)

4. I grew up in the Ferrari dominance era, so I feel obliged to say that the Ferrari F2004 is one of my favourites. With Michael Schumacher at the wheel, he was almost unbeatable, showing aggression, determination and passion. Personality aside, his ability to drive is unquestionable and even though he was a bit too eager to win, making errors here and there, he is definitely a household name in the world of Formula 1. As is his car, which was competitive but sleek, and it’s easy on the eye. With Michael Schumacher no longer in Formula 1 I’ll leave this one with a quote – “Life is about passions. Thank you for sharing mine.”
3. The most recent car in my top 5, is the Brawn BGP-001. The livery is basic and subtle, yet so nice to look at. It’s probably one of my favourite car liveries and with two likable drivers by the names of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello it was hard to not want the Brawn team to succeed. Ross Brawn is an incredibly smart man, being the main man behind Schumacher’s titles as well as Jenson’s, it’s no wonder that at 58 he’s still involved in Formula 1.
2. The older cars are usually the most interesting pieces of equipment to look at. That’s why I enjoy looking at the Mercedes W196 or any of the Cooper Climax cars, but it’s the Lotus 49 from 1967 that draws my attention. Maybe it’s because of the British racing green and the yellow stipe (not the Golden Leaf Team Lotus with the red, cream and gold livery). With two strong drivers at the wheel, Graham Hill and Jim Clark, it was almost the perfect British team. It’s a breath-taking car, and by far one of the best looking cars from it’s day.
1. I’ve already mentioned my favourite car, and it’s no surprise that when I asked the people on twitter it came up more than 10 times. The McLaren MP4/4 isn’t just a ridiculously beautiful car, it also had two of the best drivers sitting in its cock pit – Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Ayrton is someone who doesn’t need describing, his charisma and legacy speak for itself but Alain almost gets unnoticed. I chose the MP4/4 to sit in this spot, not because of how it looked, and not because of it’s drivers; I chose it to be put here because of how dominant and strong it was. It won 15 out of the 16 races in 1988 and if that’s not credible, I don’t know what is.
Formula One World Championship

I asked the fans from twitter; What are your two favourite ever Formula 1 cars? The response –

@ipab_neh : MP4/4 & MP4/13 for obvious reasons

@Eoin_Harmon : 1) Jordan 191. Michael Schumacher + Irish pride = supreme awesomeness. Benetton had to step in and save F1 from the magnificence

@deadlycowpat95 : MP4/4, MP4-26

@loose89 : F2008 and MP4-20. Both fast and among the best looking F1 cars ever

@__Flick : Ferrari F2008 for the unbelievable number of aero components & Lotus 79 for the use of ground effect

@andyroberts82 : 1992 Williams and 2009 brawn, simple looks and v quick!!

@calum643 : MP4-22/ Lotus 49 🙂

@Paul11F1 : McLaren MP4/4 from 1988 for its slick looks & amazing results. March CG891 from 1990, just a lovely looking car.

@madaboutgp : the Lotus 25 – first monocoque chasis and the McLaren MP4/4 – one of the most dominant cars ever

@MarcusBridgland : jaguar R5, loved the livery and thenBMW Sauber F1.08, my first favourite driver Nick Heidfeld, Kubica’s best season too!

@LeeF1Nut : The Lotus 49 and Lotus 72 both beautiful and innovative.  I have pics of both on my office wall. I’d sneak the Ferrari F2004 too

@CalumF1_Giroud : Brawn GP 001 and Red Bull RB6


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