A quick Q&A with Seb Morris

Seb is a 17 year old British racing driver. In 2010 he was the youngest ever Junior Ginetta G40 winter series champion, in the following year he went on to win the Junior Ginetta championship, as well as becoming the winter series champion in Formula Renault. He also was the highest placed rookie in the winter series of the same formula. Last year he became a Ginetta Ambassador and was also named as a BRDC rising star.

Seb Morris2

1. What got you into racing? Was it watching the sport, or had you had an influence off someone?

I realised I had a passion for motorsport at Go Karting Parties. People noticed that I was quicker than all my friends so the Gentleman at Deeside Karting Ring (My Local Track) suggested I take it up professionally. It all progressed from there.

2. Do you have any motorsport icons that you aspire to be like?

Michael Schumacher – I like his demeanour/passion and aggression

3. How did it feel to be 3rd in BARC Formula Renault in your first season? You were also the highest rookie, which must have been a good motivator?

I was of course delighted to come Third in my first season in single seaters in the Formula Renault Barc Championship 2012. However with mid-season engine issues, I really felt in my heart of hearts I could have won this championship.

We learnt from the year and I wet on to win the Formula Renault Barc Winter Series 2012.

4. In 2008, you were the champion in 3 different karting leagues. Is that when you first realised that you wanted to competitively race?

Yes, I learnt my craft in Karting guided by Tony Theodore, I quickly thrived on winning and moving up the motor sport ladder. This made me want to progress into senior categories and see how far I could travel in the Sport I am passionate about.

5. What has been your most memorable career highlight?

Meeting Michael Schumacher and having over 40 minutes with him being able to gain knowledge and listen to his wise words.

6. Do you have a favourite circuit? Or one that you get excited to race on?

Oulton Park (from my Junior Ginetta Days) not only do I love the undulations of the track It’s also very close to home. As a racing driver spending so many nights away from home it’s always nice to be in your own bed.

7. With a lot of young drivers struggling with funding, how are you working your way around it?

Funding is always an issue for most drivers, no matter what level you are at. I have the backing of Liberty Properties, Ginetta, Legat Owen and Lloyds Animal feed, as each year passes and you move up the ladder you need more and more Funding. It is a constraint battle for every driver, but one which is very necessary within our chosen sport.

8. Since you started racing whilst you were in school, was it difficult to both travel across the UK racing, as well as keeping your grades up?

The Juggling act is immense. Not only does your school have to be totally understanding (I am grateful for Abbey Gates total commitment to help me get through my A Levels) you have a career and school work to manage.

As a driver you are juggling testing days, race weekends, fitness training. I also have the added commitments of being honoured as a BRDC Rising Star, which means additional Track Days to assist Charities and Companies. I am also part of the MSA Elite Programme for aspiring young drivers that topped off with an AASE NVQ at Loughborough this year make my time a rare commodity .
My time is very previous. I make every minute count!

9. If you make a mistake in Qualifying or in a race, how do you control yourself, and keep yourself motivated?

I am very Calm in and out of the Car I have learnt over the years that reactions are weak. Never show your card to your opponent. If their has been a mistake made learn from it. Make your next session in the car count.

10. Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I would like to see myself having a successful career within Motorsport. Having progressed up the Single Seater ladder to F1. I would like to have completed my education and achieved the best grades possible. But most importunely have my family and friends around me healthy and happy.

Seb Morris1
Seb currently races for Hillspeed in the BRDC Formula 4 championship!
Read more about Seb Morris on his website: http://www.sebmorris.com/
Or follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/SebMorris31


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