A quick Q&A with James Calado

James is a British 23 year old, who currently races in GP2 with ART. He has previously raced in series like Formula Renault 2.0 (winter series, Portugal winter series, UK & Eurocup), British Formula 3 and GP3. In 2008 he became the champion in the Formula Renault 2.0 UK winter series, and the Formula  Renault 2.0 Portugal winter series. In 2001 he was karting, and won the British Cadet Championship. He finished as a runner up in the 2009 British Formula Renault, the 2010 British Formula 3 and 2011 GP3. Last season he finished 5th in GP2 and looks to be one of the favourites to win the championship this year.

Hi James, thanks again for taking part! (questions sent via twitter)

1: What do you do to prepare for a race?

Lots of physical and mental prep. That can include sim development and long debriefs.

2. What do you do between races for fun?

I enjoy keeping fit, socialising.

3: Which current F1 driver, would you choose to be your team mate?


4: Which old F1 circuit would you bring back, if you could?

Brands Hatch GP

5: What’s your favourite F1 car of all time?

Cant really answer that at the moment. Although I can say I enjoyed the 80’s cars

6: You’re a big fan of the Isle of Man TT races, but what made you choose cars over bikes as a child?

Not really sure. I guess I adapted to karts pretty well although I learnt everything on bikes. I could ride a quad before I could walk!

7: Who is your favourite driver of all time?

Ayrton Senna

8: After watching GP2 drivers who have come into F1, some of them have made accidents. Do you think you are ready for F1, or do you still need time in GP2 to prepare?

I’m ready now although I am fully focused on GP2

9: How confident are you in making it to F1 next year? Does seeing your 2012 team mate Gutirrez make a solid start give you confidence?

F1 is a huge step and very different to GP2. Obviously I have interest from teams and we are are negotiating going forward next year

10: What has been your most favourite win?

Winning the british cadet championship, Last race where we all crossed the line together. I won by 0.01 of a second, I was only 11

11: Which track do you most enjoy and why?

Brands Hatch GP because to be fast you need to have lots of confidence in the high speed corners. Its a really good track, fantastic in a f3 car.

12: If you could choose 3 sectors from any race tracks in the world to make up a new one, which ones would they be?

Sector 1 from Spa
Sector 2 Brands Gp
Sector 3 Monaco

13: What is your most memorable moment on track?

Winning my first GP2 race in Abu Dhabi

14: How does it feel being the favourite to win the GP2 crown this year, does it add any pressure?


15: With such a talented group of potential British F1 drivers, who (apart from yourself of course!) do you think has the best chance of getting a seat?

I guess it depends on the drivers who find the most money and deliver good results.. Not sure!


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