What does Vettel have to do?

So I’m not the biggest fan of Vettel, but I do prefer him to some of the other drivers on the grid. He’s one of the only drivers that has a joke around with the presenters of BBCF1 and SkySportsF1, and looks like he really enjoys what he does. Compare him to Alonso for instance, and where Alonso beats him in experience and achievements (not inc WDC) he lacks enthusiasm. This is why the Sebastian Vettel fans love him, the beaming smile on his face, the twinkly eyes when he’s won a Grand Prix and the endless humour he gives to F1. So why do a lot of other fans of F1 dislike this man?

He’s won three drivers championships, in a row, which equals Fangio& Schumacher and in terms of overall WDC, he equals the likes of Senna, Lauda, Piquet, Brabham and Stewart, and gets no credit. And we class those 7 men, as true F1 greats, but Vettel isn’t. Some people said that he couldn’t overtake because he always put his car in pole position. Then Vettel proved them wrong in Grand Prix’s such as Brazil 2012 and Abu Dhabi 2012, and yet he still can’t overtake? His 2011 season was so dominant, the second driver in the standings was Jenson Button (McLaren Mercedes) who was 100+ points adrift. And yet he’s still considered not to be a good driver?

I agree with some speculation that Adrian Newey is a clever man, who can create a fast car. But with a fast car, you need a fast driver. Mark Webber had the same car, and in the 2012 season was 100+ points behind his team mate. Either Vettel is a superbly quick driver, who makes the most out of the car, or Webber just wasn’t delivering what the team required. Overall the RBR team, had 7 wins, 5 of which were Vettel’s, 8 pole positions, 6 of which were Vettel’s, and 14 podiums, and un-surprisingly 10 of those were Vettel’s. So if you say the car is what drives Vettel to success, why isn’t Mark Webber delivering too?

Had the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton, not been so unreliable, himself and Vettel would of been the ones fighting out for the title in Brazil, not Alonso, and had Hulkenberg not crashed into him in Brazil, Vettel would not of had his third title. But the McLaren was unreliable, and he did crash (Spa, Valencia, Brazil) so Vettel is the Champion. Why is it so hard for fans to accept it?
He’s the youngest person to ever win a WDC = History Made
Youngest person to ever win three WDC in a row = History Made
He had a crash on the first lap in Brazil 2012, and still did enough to win his Triple WDC. What does he have to do be considered a brilliant driver?

A lot of people say Vettel complains/moans, but if you were a championship contender with a sluggish car, wouldn’t you be complaining to your team as well? Look at Jenson Button this season (2013), he’s in a McLaren which is expected to be fighting with the top teams, but now he’s fighting with the likes of Force India and Toro Rosso, and he’s complaining about it – yet no one seems to have a problem with him. The same applies to Kimi Raikkonen. You don’t have to be liked as a person, to be a good driver. You don’t race to be nice. You don’t race to come second, any race driver will tell you that.

Some people have also said, to be a real champion you have to win the WDC in more than one car (i.e. Schumacher, Prost, Fangio, Lauda ect). So does that mean you don’t consider, Alonso, Hakkinen, Clark, Ascari and Senna as worthy champions?


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